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28 year old self employed ; Entrepreneur / Entertainer / Activist, originally from Boston, Massachusetts but currently residing in Jacksonville. Derek has a long range of skills & talents such as ;  audio production, broadcasting, talent development, dance instruction & choreography, photography, video directing, and fashion designing. His family moved to Jacksonville in the early 2000’s. Since a young age Derek aka JUS ME has been chipping away at the walls of the entertainment industry. Some of his specialties are songwriting, production, public speaking, talent development, mentoring, networking. Known to be a silent leader, Derek plans on securing his longevity in the Entertainment Business by working harder than most, being true to himself, taking risks and being constantly innovating. Ceo/Executive Producer of Day2Day Enterprise, Founder/President of Mind On Fashion Inc , Founder/Executive Director & Mentor of Speaking 4 Success Inc.


I’ve had a camera since the age of 9. I love the art of capturing and the infinite possibilities with creative direction. My schedule is flexible but active with photo sessions.


My step-dad has been an attorney majority of my life. I pretty much have been groomed to consult. I’ve been consulting clients and customers with branding, marketing, advertising since 2007.

Audio Production

25 years of music and vocal experience / training. 18 years of recording & production experience ; music, commercials, etc. 12 years of broadcast experience. Drums and Piano are my instruments of choice.

Web Design

I have been studying digital marketing and designing websites since a preteen. I can and or will show you how to optimize your site for the best results. SEO is something you want to ask me about!


I sleep only 3-4 hours a day

The rest of the time i break up majority of my day into five categories. Admin Work, Creative Designing, Executive Directing, Production, and Personal Time. Being a CEO is a very challenging but staying organized & structured keeps me in check. I love what I do and take it serious. I make no excuses and work hard Day2Day! I love to eat and travel. I read and research when I’m not eating or working.


My lifetime goal is becoming one of the most influential motivational speakers/ life coaches of my generation. If you ask me, I think I am known for my photography, radio/broadcasting career, music & executive production, talent management. Quite a few people have said, my work ethic and amount of passion I have is what sets me apart from other young entrepreneurs. Also, my ability / desire to learn more and improve my skills & talents. Send me and email or call me today.

Admin Work0

Executive Directing0

Personal Time0


Creative Designing0

Work Experience

Cox Media Group / Radio

Promotions Coordinator

On Air Personality

Board Operator 


Office Depot Manager

Supervisor of the print department

I managed 5 employees

Ensure quality


M.O.E Entertainment

Production Assistant

Responsible for Promotions

Marketing Assistant 


Day2Day Enterprise


Executive Director  

Creative Design



18 Years of Production Experience
19 Years Of Photography Experience 
15 Years Of Digital Marketing Experience 
15 Years Of Talent Development Experience 

Fun Fact About Me!

I founded Day2Day Enterprise my sophomore year of high school. Initially it was supposed to be a Record Label / Full Service Production Company. Every year I looked for ways to reinvent the core concept until I found one that perfectly fit the demand of my target audiences.

Photography Sessions
Audio Productions
Video Productions


How Can I Help?

I’m an Entrepreneur / Entertainer who loves Production, Marketing and Sales. I love what I do for a living and wouldn’t change anything. I’ve worked certain sales & customer services jobs that have equipped me with the knowledge and mentality I need. I am a workaholic. I average 3-4 hours of sleep per day. I do a lot but don’t do everything. My role is executive director / management here at Day2Day Enterprise. Consulting, Creative Design, Project Management, Talent Development and Photography are my strengths.